How to Help Children with Celiac Disease Go Gluten Free

gluten free

You might not have heard of Celiac disease but it is an autoimmune disease that’s affecting millions of people today. Also known as enteropathy gluten sensitive, Celiac disease is classified as a digestive disorder in which the person’s small intestine lining is destroyed beyond repair. The damage is actually caused by eating food that contains gluten.

People with Celiac disease feel numerous symptoms like consistent heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. Because they cannot absorb nutrients into their blood stream, significant weight loss, osteoporosis, and certain nutritional deficiencies can be noted in people with the condition. Celiac disease can affect people of any age, but is particularly dangerous in children.

If you are parent of a child diagnosed with Celiac disease, it is very important that you implement a strict gluten free diet. Because a lot of food types contain gluten, it is very important to have your child screened before starting the diet. This prevents nutritional deficiency from too much food restriction.

In order for the gluten free diet to transition smoothly, it is very important that you talk to your child. You must explain why he needs to go into this particular diet. Discuss the dangers of ingesting gluten. If your child is young, you can use pictures and other visual aids to show him what food types are safe and what aren’t.

Children are not a big fan of change and if you suddenly push your own child into a gluten free diet, it will surely be met with a lot of hesitation and resistance. Make the diet fun by introducing food that taste and appear like “normal” food.

There are numerous recipes of gluten free spaghetti, bread, pizza and even cookies that can be found on the internet. You can start by serving that until your child is convinced that food without gluten doesn’t necessarily mean unsavory or unappealing. Additionally, make sure that your child carries gluten free snacks or meals wherever he goes. This will help him avoid eating unsafe food should he get hungry.

In order for the gluten free diet to remain successful and uncomplicated until your child turns into an adult, you and the entire family must also be a part of the diet 100%. This doesn’t really mean going on a gluten free diet yourselves (unless you want to) but it means being supportive. There shouldn’t be any taunting, no unnecessary tempting of prohibited food and no complaining on how difficult meal planning can be. The entire family’s unwavering support will help your child feel more positive and optimistic about the diet and Celiac disease.

There are many great books and guides on the internet that can teach parents how to raise children with celian disease go gluten free. One example of a good ebook about gluten free is the ebook, “How To Raise Kids Gluten Free”. This ebook is 140 pages long, containing practical approaches on what to do and how to survive raising children on a gluten free diet. Everything one needs to know. Plus 7 great bonuses too.

Have you or your children been diagnosed with celiac disease? If so, as a parent, how are you dealing with it? Let us know if you have any gluten free recipes you would like to share.

Here is some more helpful resources:

National Foundation for Celiac
check out this great website. It has great gluten free recipes, product reviews, new, tips and more.

The Celiac Disease CenterGluten Free Care Package
If you or your children been recently diagnosed with celiac disease in the past 12 months. The celiac disease center is giving people all over the country a “Gluten-Free Care Package”. It is a basket of helpful and essential resources, including a gluten-free food guide, support group information, and food samples to introduce people with celiac disease to a gluten-free diet.

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